Pre-Paid Legal Program

For groups, you can help offset the high costs of legal bills for many common every day legal issues. Be proactive not reactive, help alleviate high legal bills for under 10c a day. For instance, defense of a divorce can cost many thousands of dollars.

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Coverage anywhere in the United States

No Deductibles

Attorney of your choice

For only $2.50 to $10.00 a month

Benefit Lifetime Maximum
Advice and Consultation (Job related issues only) $700.00
Defense of Misdemeanor Charges (Non-Auto) $1,000.00
Defense of Off-Duty Traffic Charges $700.00
Landlord / Tenant Disputes $1,000.00
Defense of Lawsuit for the Collection of Debit in Excess of $2,500 $1,000
Defense of Divorce Proceedings
  • Individual – 1 Year waiting Period
  • Group – no waiting period

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