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We are living in a litigious society, and the cost to defend oneself in court is high. In addition, criminal or civil charges can take all your savings for legal fees, even if you are not guilty as charged!

Thankfully, the Professional Law Enforcement Association offers outstanding Legal Defense protection which will give you the peace of mind, as well as provide the protection for you and your family, should you be involved in a duty-related incident.

Even if your employer provides an attorney, PLEA will send an attorney to monitor the proceedings to make sure you are personally protected.

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My name is Cpl. Alexander and I have been a member of Plea for over 3 years now. I recently had to use PLEA for an administrative issue. I was totally in the right, and had done nothing wrong. I exhausted all chain of command options and the Department withheld their decision without any evidence or witnesses. I first thought that I didn’t want to “rock the boat” to stand up for what is right. This unfounded disciplinary action taken against me caused me to lose further advancement in which I applied as well as money per year. This was causing me undue stress and me feeling uncomfortable at work along with a loss of money.

I then called PLEA and spoke directly to Leslie. I explained the whole situation and with no delay I was able to contact a local Attorney. I was given an initial consultation and the well known Law firm took my case. This relieved me from all the undue stress I was enduring and put my mind at ease to know the Attorney was working my case. I was able to stay focused on my job which is where any Law Enforcement Officers mind needs to be at all times. Thanks to PLEA I am now able to have a free mind, stay focused on the job, and this makes my homelife better with me not worrying about the case. I would recommend anyone in Law Enforcement to get PLEA, its an insurance that gives you a great piece of mind. The staff at PLEA have always been readily available when I call them even for the smallest question. They have covered the expenses. Awesome President and Staff. Thank you.

– Cpl. Richard Alexander

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HR 218 Plan

As a retired Law Enforcement Professional or an off-duty officer, who is still qualified to carry a weapon, you can enroll in HR218 Legal Defense to cover yourself against high legal costs for Civil / Criminal incidents while protecting yourself and others.

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