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PLEA has an extensive network of qualified participating attorneys. These attorneys are carefully selected and vetted before approval to ensure the utmost professionalism and assistance you deserve.

These attorneys have agreed to PLEA’s terms and conditions and hourly rates as a PLEA Participating attorney.


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Amanda Liotto

of A. Liotto Law LLC

41323 Highway 42
Prairieville, LA 70769

Phone: 225-572-9666

Fax: 225-612-6891

Email: Amanda@liottolaw.com

Emergency Number: 225-572-9666

Patrick D. Magee

of Law Firm of Pat Magee LLC

P.O. Box 51676
Lafayette, LA 70505

Phone: 337-76-2433

Fax: 337-376-2000

Email: pdm@mageefirm.com

Emergency Number: 337-298-9135

Toby J. Aguillard

of Gaar Law Firm

114 Representative Row
Lafayette, LA 70508

Phone: 337-233-3185

Fax: 337-233-0690

Email: toby@gaarlaw.com

Emergency Number: 337-366-4828

James E. Sudduth III

of Sudduth & Associates LLC

1109 Pithon Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Phone: 337-480-0101

Fax: 337-419-0507

Email: James@saa.legal

Emergency Number: 225-287-5116

Brett L. Grayson

of Brett L. Grayson LLC

850 Kaliste Saloom Rd. Ste 120
Lafayette, LA 70508-4230

Phone: 337-706-7646

Fax: 337-706-7648

Email: blgraysonesq@gmail.com

Emergency Number: 337-344-5809

Jordan Precht

of Precht Law Firm LLC

600 Jefferson St. Suite 810
Lafayette, LA 70501

Phone: 337-301-8282

Fax: 337-205-0732

Email: jordangprechtlawfirm.com

Emergency Number: 337-301-8282

George S. Hesni II

of Hesni & Parrales PLC

407 Huey P. Long Ave.
Gretna, LA 70053

Phone: 504-361-0018

Fax: 504-361-9728

Email: HPlawfirm@aol.com

Emergency Number: 504-952-4194

Matthew L. Nowlin

of Keiser Law Firm PLC

P.O. Box 12358
Alexandria, LA 71315-2358

Phone: 318-443-6168

Fax: 318-704-6473

Email: mnowlin@keiserlaw.net

Emergency Number: 318-471-1689

Benjamin H. Chapman

of Milling Benson Woodward LLP

445 North Blvd. Ste 200
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Phone: 225-291-7300

Fax: 225-291-4524

Email: bchapman@millinglaw.com

Emergency Number: 225-241-3589

Ashton Thomas Dewey

of Dewey & Braud Law LLC

9270 Siegen Lane Ste. 103
Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Phone: 225-953-8330

Fax: 225-208-7034

Email: tommy@deweybraudlaw.com

Emergency Number: 225-933-3210

Eugene P. Cicardo Jr.

of Law Office Eugene P. Cicardo

1996 Gus Kaplaw Dr.
Alexandria, LA 71301

Phone: 318-445-2097

Fax: 318-487-2022

Email: epcjr@genecicardolaw.com

Emergency Number: 318-452-6592

Eugene P. Cicardo Jr.

of Law Office of Eugene Cicardo

BRN 1297 PO Box 11976
Alexandria, LA 71315

Phone: 318-445-2097

Fax: 318-487-2022

Email: epcjr@genecicardolaw.com

Emergency Number: 318-445-2097

Daniel M. Landry III

of Landry Law Firm

P.O. Box 3784
Lafayette, LA 70502

Phone: 337-237-7135

Fax: 337-232-3350

Email: daniellandry@daniellandrylaw.com

Emergency Number: 337-280-9540

Christian B. Landry

of Landry Law Firm

P.O. Box 3784
Lafayette, LA 70502

Phone: 337-237-7135

Fax: 337-232-3350

Email: chrislandry@daniellandrylaw.com

Emergency Number: 337-257-4868

L. Clayton Burgess

of L. Clayton Burgess APLC

605 W. Congress
Lafayettte, LA 70501

Phone: 337-234-7573

Fax: 337-233-3890

Email: lcburgess@clayburgess.com

Emergency Number: 337-654-4834

Donald D. Cleveland

of Donald D. Cleveland APLL

P.O. Box 3611
Lafayette, LA 70502

Phone: 337-572-9874

Fax: 337-572-9876

Email: donald@ddclaw.net

Emergency Number: 337-257-5903

John G. Swift

of Swift & Rhoades LLP

P.O. Box 53107
Lafayette, LA 70505

Phone: 337-572-9877

Fax: 337-572-9737

Email: jswift@swiftrhoades.com

Emergency Number: 337-278-0157

Allyson Prejean

of Allyson M. Prejean Atty

P.O. Box 3862
Lafayette, LA 70502

Phone: 337-235-5791

Fax: 337-235-1067

Email: allyson@sallingerlaw.com

Emergency Number: 337-288-4028

Kevin V. Boshea

of Attorney at Law

2955 Ridgelake Drive Ste. 207
Metairie, LA 70002

Phone: 504-834-2114

Fax: 504-837-8366

Email: kvboshea@aol.com

Emergency Number: 504-473-4209

Randall B. Keiser

of Keiser Law Firm PLC

P.O. Box 12358
Alexandria, LA 71315

Phone: 318-443-6168

Fax: 318-704-6473

Email: rbkeiser@keiserlaw.net

Emergency Number: 318-308-1009

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